Paku Kuntilanak The Movie, Full Of Pornography And Too Vulgar

Film Paku Kuntilanak
Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) on 6 August 2009, has sent a letter addressed to the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Jero Wacik related to film 'Paku Kuntilanak', which assessed as full of pornography and too vulgar. Content of the letter, asking that the film starring by Dewi Persik drawn from the circulation.

Chairman of the MUI Drs. H. Amidhan, in the press conference at the MUI Office, Proclamation street, South Jakarta, to reveal the reasons for withdrawing the film that is now have been running at theatres.

"There are some complaints from the community to the MUI said the film Paku Kuntilanak starred Dewi Perssik full with pornography scenes and very vulgar. Finally, we tell the team to check the film, and in fact is correct, that the film is against the film law and pornography law ," said Amidhan.

"On the basis of that we MUI send a letter to the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Jero Wacik to withdraw the film. It is also almost Ramadhan," he added.

According Amidhan, two of the scenes in the film that were too vullgar and are not eligible to be watched. First, when Dewi Persik doing hot scenes in the bath tub with the co-star who is an actor from Malaysia, Keith Foo.

"In the bath tub Dewi Perssik is covered only by lather, and there is a man inside. That is clearly not feasible to show," specifically. Other scene is when the other foreign artist, Heather Storm perform many bed scenes and shows her body only in wear.

Paku Kuntilanak the movie is a production of Maxima Pictures directed by Findo Purwono and starred by Dewi Perssik, Keith Foo, and the Hollywood actress Heather Storm.

This film tells about the trio Ghost Hunter (Sukun, Obeng, and Odjie) seeking for Kuntilanak that reincarnate into a human again after the nail on the head accidentally removed by their superiors, Mr. Joko.

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