Dara And Mitha Of The Virgin Considered As Lesbian

The Virgin Duo Band Dara And MithaThe Virgin Duo Group career in music seems increasing at this time because of their single song titled Cinta Terlarang (eng: Forbidden Love) began preferred by the public. However, over the success, Mitha and Dara from The Virgin often get bad coverage mentioned that they are lesbian.

In response related to those bad news, Dara and Mita admit that they do not think about it too much, because they even feel that they get a lot of benefits from the circulating news. They considered it as a hidden promotions.

"The more people asks about it, it is become more benefits for us, we can count it as a free promotions for The Virgin" Mita said when met in the Sparc studio in the area of Jalan Raya Bogor, East Jakarta.

Dara And Mitha Of The Virgin
Issues start to appear because of the content of the song 'Cinta Terlarang', where they are considered not just sing the song but also doing the same thing as the song, namely as a lesbian.

"No problem for us if there are anybody thinks like that, because each person have a brain and a different mind, so they also have a different think about anything. Essentially the song lyric in Cinta Terlarang is universal," Mita said.

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