Manohara Odelia Pinot Kidnapped By Prince Of Kelantan Tengku Fakhry

Manohara Odelia PinotManohara Odelia Pinot, young and talented Indonesian model was allegedly to have been kidnapped and raped by Prince of Kelantan Malaysia Temenggong Tengku Mohammad Fakhry.

This is expressed by Manohara's mother, Daisy Fajarina, who no longer can keep her desire to meet Manohara. The incidence began with the introduction of Manohara with the son of Sultan Kelantan, Tengku Muhammad Fakhry.

Around December 2006, Daisy and Manohara get dinner invitation from a good friend with Datuk Najib Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. In that event then Manohara acquainted with the Tengku Fakhry who was birth on 7 April 1978.

Daisy Fajarina said that, "When the first I meet him, he looks very courteous and polite. After a few months, he shows his sense of love to my daughter, Manohara, which at that time aged 15 years. As long as i knew him, He is a nice person. When he came Jakarta, we are often invited to joining him on holiday. He was diligently sholat (Pray for Muslims), never be rough, and always spoke softly. I already treats Tengku such as my own son."

Then in December 2007 when the new year eve, Manohara came to meet Daisy and crying. "Tengku Fakhry was yank virginity of my daughter. Tengku said, 'If you love me, you have to give it to me'. I felt deceived and stolen," said Daisy.

Finally Tengku Fakhry were willing to marry Manohara. However, their marriage will be performed under the hand. Daisy does not want her daughter marriage in sirri (Unofficial Marriage In Religious Tradition).

On 17 August 2008, Manohara and Daisy went to the Kuala Lumpur with an invitation from Kelantan palace in order to introduces Manohara to Tengku Fakhry's father and mother.

Then, By Mufti (the head of the religious) determined that the wedding will be held on 26 August 2008. Daisy shocked, She needs more time to inform family and do all the preparation.

"Manohara age was 16.5 years. After they were married, they went to honeymoon and start showing a lot of awkwardness there. Even just to make an event in Indonesia was very difficult. Because Manohara can not hold, Manohara then return to Indonesia. After Manohara to Jakarta, Tengku parties want to bring Manohara back to Malaysia," Daisy said.

Manohara Odelia Pinot And Tengku Temenggong Muhammad Fakhry Petra
On 25 February 2009, Daisy and Manohara was invited by the King of Kelantan's family to go to Mecca, Saudi Arabia to performing Umrah. On 9 March, they will return to Indonesia. When they went to the airport, Tengku Fakhry and Manohara are in the same car.

"When arriving at the airport, I was surprised because we did not go to the official terminal, but taken to the terminal to use a private jet plane. We were delivered to the front door of the plane. Had not yet entered in to the plane, suddenly the plane door was closed and the stairs was lifted up.

The Pilot does not care that there are 3 people want to get in. I see my daughter being pushed in the plane. I was screaming, and the plane's wings was almost hit our car," she said

Daisy recorded that, Manohara taken away using Challenger jet plane 300 owned by Berjaya Air, Aircraft Reg 9MTAN. And the pilot was Captain Zakaria Salleh.

"I never expected that they will be able to do things that are not human at all," Daisy Fajarina said.

Daisy immediately report the incident to the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Jeddah. Then on March 19, he tried to Malaysia but prevented by immigration of Malaysia.

"I can not went in to Malaysia with reasons that they personally could not explain. That was the request from the kingdom of Kelantan," this 44 years women said.

On 23 March 2009, Daisy has been reported the case to the Director of Protection for Indonesian Citizens Abroad, Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Direktorat Perlindungan WNI dan Badan Hukum Indonesia Deplu.

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